About the Fund

We Provide

  • Founders with Vital Early to Late-Stage Seed Funding, Focused Mentoring, and Strategic Partnerships
  • Investors with Opportunities to Help Grow Virginia’s Entrepreneurial Economy and Strengthen Regional Ecosystems
  • Collaborative Universities with Opportunities to Create Value in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  • Regional Angel Networks and Other Early-Stage Funders with Lead Syndication and Follow-On Funding Opportunities
  • Venture Firms with a Pipeline of Proven High-Performance Teams, Scaling Platform Technologies, and Profitable Market Traction

Investment Criteria

$100k to $500k initial investment
Convertible debt or equity
Health Innovation
Multi-Market Tech
Graduate of a recognized accelerator, and/or previously funded
Humbly confident and experienced management team
Large and growing addressable market
Demonstrated product-market fit
Innovative and defensible tech/IP
Profitable unit economics at scale
Likely exit pathways
Biased towards management operations in Virginia

Contact Our Team

Paul Nolde

Fund Manager/Managing Director
Investment Committee Chair


Board Members

Monique Adams*

Executive Director, 757 Angels
Chandra Briggman

Chandra Briggman

CEO, Activation Capital
RGF Board Chair

Jim Cheng*

Investor and Exited Entrepreneur

Dave Levin, M.D.*

Chief Medical and Information Officer, Phlow Corp.

Bob Mooney*

Co-Founder / Managing Director, NRV

*Investment Committee

Portfolio Companies